October 1, 2020 Update

Hello again, everyone! I hope each of you is doing well! First I want to thank each and everyone of you for your support and for taking the time to listen to my music on Spotify and other platforms! You are truly the greatest!

A little update for you guys on what has been happening in the past month. Firstly, I’ve been working very hard every day to transcribe sheet music for EVERY cover that I have ever done! That means some of the songs that were covered back in 2014! I’m about 80% done with this project. I usually can pull out 2-3 arrangements per day if I work for about 8 hours. You can expect to see a huge selection of new sheet music by the end of the year!

Second, I’ve been working hard on my upcoming Video Game album which I plan to release by Halloween! It was originally planned to be released during Christmas time of this year, but I decided to move it to this month and release Anime Music Collection Vol.12 during Christmas Season instead.

Link to Video Game Music Collection, Vol. 3 page:


Link to Anime Music Collection, Vol. 12 page:


That being said, I’m considering moving the release of Storybook Melodies to January-February of 2021. I really don’t want to rush any releases and I feel that releasing Storybook Melodies by the end of this year when I’m working on 2 other albums would be considered rushing.

Let’s talk about sheet music that has been released in September! The way I submit sheet music for publication through Musicnotes is I send them 4-5 transcriptions every batch. Some transcriptions take up to 2-4 weeks to publish while others can be published as soon as 2 days after submission. Unfortunately, this month is a bit smaller from the previous update:

  • Aqua Terrarium (from “Nagi no Asukara”)
  • Heart Realize (from “Noragami”)
  • Madoromi no Yakusoku (from “Hyouka”)
Video Game
  • Streets of Whiterun (from “Skyrim”)
  • Far Horizons (from “Skyrim”)

More sheet music is coming soon! If you keep an eye out on my Musicnotes landing page, you’ll be able to see new sheet music there before my monthly update. Thank you again for all your support!

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