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Disney Music Collection: Piano Solo, Volume 2

Thank you, my wonderful fans! Enjoy the latest Disney Piano Solo!

Disney Album

Song List:

  1. Strong (from “Cinderella” [2015])
  2. God Help the Outcast (from “the Hunchback of Notre Dame”)
  3. Someday (from “the Hunchback of Notre Dame”)
  4. Be Prepared (from “the Lion King”)
  5. King of Pride Rock (from “the Lion King”)
  6. I’ll Make a Man Out of You (from “Mulan”)
  7. Colors of the Wind (from “Pocahontas”)
  8. Someone’s Waiting for You (from “the Rescuers”)
  9. When She Loved Me (from “Toy Story 2”)

Coming Christmas 2019!

Create for Kids 2019

Hey everyone!

I recently participated in a collaboration album (Create for Kids 2019) with multiple different artists! What makes this album special is that all revenue earnings go toward supporting Save the Children foundation. Check out my arrangement of When You Wish Upon a Star (from “Pinocchio”)

2019 Releases

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Disney Album