Disney Music Collection Piano Solo

Disney Music Collection Piano Solo, Volume 1 (Released February 12, 2018)

Disney Music Collection Piano Solo, Volume 1 was first announced in Summer of 2017. Being a brand new addition to the “Music Collection” series, this album was also the first album to contain songs almost entirely requested by fans.


Song List:

  1. A Whole New World (From “Aladdin”)
  2. Beauty and the Beast (From “Beauty and the Beast”)
  3. Let it Go (From “Frozen”)
  4. Go The Distance (From “Hercules”)
  5. I Won’t Say [I’m in Love] (From “Hercules”)
  6. Can You Feel the Love Tonight? (From “The Lion King”)
  7. We Are One (From “The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride”)
  8. Part of Your World (From “The Little Mermaid”)
  9. Feed the Birds (From “Mary Poppins”)
  10. How Far I’ll Go (From “Moana”)
  11. Reflection (From “Mulan”)
  12. He’s a Pirate / The Black Pearl (From “Pirates of the Caribbean”)
  13. I See the Light (From “Tangled”)
  14. You’ll Be in My Heart (From “Tarzan”) [Soft Version]
  15. You’ve Got a Friend in Me (From “Toy Story”)
  16. Cruella De Ville (From “101 Dalmatians”)

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10 Comments on “Disney Music Collection Piano Solo

  1. Can you feel the love tonight from Lion King as well as He lives in you and We are one from Lion King 2 would all sound great on piano. Take your pick 😀

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