Video Game Music Collection Piano Solo, Vol. 1

Video Game Music Collection: Piano Solo, Volume 1 (Released May 3, 2016)




  1. Minuet of Forest (From “Ocarina of Time”)
  2. Bolero of Fire (From “Ocarina of Time”)
  3. Serenade of Water (From “Ocarina of Time”)
  4. Nocturne of Shadow (From “Ocarina of Time”)
  5. Requiem of Spirit (From “Ocarina of Time”)
  6. Title Theme (From “Ocarina of Time”)
  7. Kokiri Forest (From “Ocarina of Time”)
  8. Termina Field (From “Majora’s Mask”)
  9. The Great Sea (From “the Wind Waker”)
  10. Windfall Island (From “the Wind Waker”)
  11. Fishing Hole (From “Twilight Princess”)
  12. Lake Hylia (From “Twilight Princess”)
  13. Gateway Galaxy (From “Super Mario Galaxy”)
  14. Space Junk Galaxy (From “Super Mario Galaxy”)
  15. Puzzle Plank Galaxy (From “Super Mario Galaxy 2”)
  16. Cosmic Cove Galaxy (From “Super Mario Galaxy 2”)
  17. World 3 (From “Super Mario Galaxy 2”)
  18. Main Theme (From “Animal Crossing: New Leaf”)
  19. 8:00 PM (From “Animal Crossing: New Leaf”)
  20. 11:00 PM (From “Animal Crossing: New Leaf”)
  21. 1:00 AM (From “Animal Crossing: New Leaf”)
  22. 2:00 AM (From “Animal Crossing: Wild World”)

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