Song Book for Storybook Melodies

The Official Song Book for Storybook Melodies (Releasing alongside “Storybook Melodies” piano solo album)


(This is not the final artwork)


This song book features the following tracks from “Storybook Melodies” arranged for piano solo. It will also be available for purchase as a physical copy and a digital copy.

  1. Calm Lake Waters
  2. Wanderer
  3. Treasure in the Abandoned Room
  4. Poltergeist
  5. Bravery
  6. Clear Skies After Rain
  7. Misty Oregon Forest
  8. The Dancing Winds
  9. Spring River Garden
  10. Breath of Fresh Air
  11. Fairytale Waltz
  12. Once Upon a Wishing Star
  13. We’re Here
  14. Remember


Physical copy:

Coming soon!

Digital copy:

Coming soon!