What keyboards do you have?

-Yamaha P-120, Yamaha P-155, Yamaha CP-33, Roland FA-08, and the Kawai MP-11.

What computer programs do you use to record and write sheet music?

-Right now I use Logic Pro X to record the audio from my keyboards.  I use iMovie to edit the video and sync the audio to the video. And I use Finale PrintMusic 2014 to transcribe the sheet music and MIDI.

What camera do you use?

-I’m currently using the GoPro Hero 4 Silver.

How do I become better at playing the piano?

-Practice, dedication, and self-esteem. Dedication, I think, is one of the biggest things that people can’t seem to grip when learning how to play. That’s why most people quit so soon. The more dedicated you are to play, the more you want to practice. And the more you practice, the better you get, right? But most importantly, you have to believe in yourself! You shouldn’t give up on yourself just because you can’t play like a master, who have spent their entire lives practicing. It will take a while, but anyone can become good at anything if they put forth the effort.

How did you learn to play the piano?

-I actually took lessons as a kid from Danelle Dullum. I’m very grateful for all that she has done to help me learn how to play. I know that if I had never taken lessons from her, I would have wished I did later in life. And even though I took lessons for a very short amount of time, Danelle has created something that will be part of me throughout my life. And for that, I’m extremely grateful for all that she has done for me.

After I stopped taking lessons, I eventually stopped playing piano for a while. But as the years went by, I found many amazing musicians on YouTube. By listening to them, I had the sudden desire to play piano once more. From that point on, everything I had learned had been self-taught.

How long have you been playing the piano?

– I started playing when I was 12 years old, so about 10 years.

What are you doing aside from music?

-Right now I’m studying at Portland Community College. I recently completed the Japanese language program at school back in Spring of 2016, and now I’m currently taking accounting classes.

One Comment on “FAQ

  1. I really want the sheet of “perfect day”, but it seems to need some kinds of permission to download. Can you give me the link?


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