Anime Music Collection Piano Solo, Vol. 12

Anime Music Collection: Piano Solo, Volume 12 (Released October 1, 2021)

Anime Music Collection: Piano Solo, Volume 12 is the latest Anime album in 2021. Included in this album are five live performances from one of Suuuper Anime Podcast episodes as well as my 2020 Virtual Concert.

This album is also the first to include a duet. Ventus (from “Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep”) has been arranged for piano and flute with Kenzie Smith on the piano and Karen Takemura on the flute.



  1. Ichiban no Takaramono (from “Angel Beats!”) [2021 Version]
  2. eye-water (from “Attack on Titan”) [LIVE]
  3. Guren no Yumiya (from “Attack on Titan”) [LIVE]
  4. Omake-Pfadlib (from “Attack on Titan”) [LIVE]
  5. Alumina (from “Death Note”)
  6. Krone (from “Guilty Crown”) [LIVE]
  7. Autumn Festival (from “Kimi no Na wa”)
  8. Date (from “Kimi no Na wa”)
  9. Ventus (from “Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep”)
  10. You Can Become a Hero (from “My Hero Academia”) [LIVE]
  11. Grief and Sorrow (from “Naruto”)
  12. No More Time Machine (from “Sword Art Online”)
  13. At Our Parting (from “Sword Art Online”)
  14. Michishirube (from “Violet Evergarden”)

Bonus Tracks not included in this album due to copyright restrictions. These songs can be heard on Kenzie Smith Piano YouTube channel:

  1. Peaceful Afternoon (from “Bleach”)
  2. Momiji’s Violin (from “Fruits Basket”)
  3. Ketsuretsu (from “Oregairu”)

Listen Here: