Kenzie Smith was born in Portland, Oregon on March 31, 1995. Currently attending Portland Community College, Kenzie’s main focus of study is Business Administration/Accounting and Japanese.

Kenzie began taking piano lessons at the age of 12 from a family friend, Danelle Dullum. At the time, Kenzie was very excited when he first started to learn how to play the piano. He knew that time and practice was very important to his progression in becoming good at playing piano. Kenzie took lessons from Danelle for about two years. Unfortunately, practicing piano felt more of a chore than a hobby to Kenzie. The amount of time that went into practicing decreased and Kenzie soon had no desire to attend his lessons anymore. He eventually stopped playing piano all together.

However, as time progressed, Kenzie heard many wonderful songs from church, concerts, movies, video games, and the radio. Kenzie was indeed impressed by these wonderful tunes and was inspired to play these songs on the piano. After much practice and dedication, Kenzie managed to play most of the songs that had inspired him to play once again. From this point on, Kenzie was truly dedicated to put as much time into practice as he possibly could. Piano became one his most cherished abilities; it made him who he is today. 

As the years progressed, the number of musicians on YouTube and social media began to increase in a very rapid amount. Kenzie was always very impressed by other musicians’ arrangements and compositions. They have inspired Kenzie to progress even further which eventually led him to post his first official arrangement to YouTube in January, 2014. Surprised by the encouraging feedback Kenzie had received from social media, Kenzie continued to share more of his music.  

YouTube Milestones:

500 Subscribers – April 14, 2015

1,000 Subscribers – September 21, 2015

2,000 Subscribers – April 4, 2016

3,000 Subscribers – November 9, 2016


3 Comments on “Biography

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your music on this website. I, like you am an avid musician, a pianist. It is sometimes so hard to find sheet music for the music you love. I heard your arrangement of Dango Daikazoku and I loved it. I couldn’t find it anywhere but thanks to your spotify account I’m here. I will be sharing your music. Once again, thank you for what you do.


  2. I found his music on Spotify, and I am absolutely in love. Wonderful , his versions touched my heart


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