Storybook Melodies: What is it?

Storybook Melodies is a piano solo album featuring beautiful original compositions intended to portray a “storybook” or fantasy theme for the listener. Some of the compositions you will hear in this album were published on YouTube throughout the years from 2014-2017; the remaining were never published. 


  1. Calm Lake Waters
  2. Wanderer
  3. Treasure in the Abandoned Room
  4. Poltergeist
  5. Bravery
  6. Clear Skies After Rain
  7. Misty Oregon Forest
  8. The Dancing Winds
  9. Spring River Garden
  10. Breath of Fresh Air
  11. Fairytale Waltz
  12. Once Upon a Wishing Star
  13. We’re Here
  14. Remember

Along with the release of this album is going to be the release of The Official Storybook Melodies Song Book. This song book will include all the sheet music from this release and will be published in two forms, a physical copy and a digital copy. I’ll provide more details about this album and its song book soon!

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